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Elusive is an American DJ and production duo consisting of Davey Hamilton JR (Based in Tampa, FL) and Omar Mou (Based in Los Angeles, CA).  The duo’s music is a mix of bass genres and often incorporates elements of space bass and dubstep.  Their goal is to create a cinematic like experience at their shows, inspired by space visuals.

Davey was born in Boise, Idaho and brings a very unique background to the Bass and Dance music scene.  As a champion professional race car driver, he combines his high-octane personality with a passion for bass music and entertaining.



Omar is a producer and DJ from Los Angeles. He's a fixture in raves and underground bass music shows, while also playing some of the west coasts biggest venues. His career highlights include being featured on Insomniac's EDC Rave-a-thon for the Discovery Project and opening for artists like Riot Ten, Svddendeath, Monxx, Dirty Snatcha and Greg Gatsby.

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